The Superius Story

Chris began practicing law in 2004.  By 2009, Chris was burned out, disenchanted, and ready to quit the practice and do anything else.  A series of experiences in the summer of 2010 helped Chris realized what was possible to build the life he wanted in the law through technology and approach.  Today Chris is an AV Preeminent rated attorney operating a law practice model that facilitates life happening on his own terms.

Superius Ventures was founded by Chris to create solutions for lawyers looking to build a better life in the law.  With his unique, first-hand experience of building a better practice around his life, Chris brings experience to the table that only a practicing attorney can.  Chris wants to help everyone build a better life in the law, because he knows that doing just that saved him from fleeing the practice before he ever got started.

Every attorney should have the opportunity to build the life they want within the practice of law.  We approach every lawyer and every practice with the intent to maximize margin in life.  Margin equates to opportunity to be the person we want to be, and we want to help you get to that place.

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